About Kilteevan Community Development Group Limited

Aims of Kilteevan Community Development Group Limited

We are committed to:

  • Promoting the social, cultural and economic development of our area and improving the quality of life of the residents of Kilteevan.
  • Preventing marginalization, loneliness and isolation in our community
  • Promoting broad participation in social activities, sport and recreation leading to better physical and mental well being for all.
  • Promoting social inclusion and the integration of people with disabilities in our community
  • Preserving and promoting and our local heritage

Kilteevan Community Development Group is a Limited Company with charitable status. CHY 16309.

 All company directors are volunteers.



Following the Annual General Meeting of Kilteevan Community Development Group Limited on Tuesday December 2nd 2015, the following are our Company Directors.

Chairperson/Director                         Michael Spellman

Treasurer/Director                            Dion Hegarty

Secretary/Director                            Martha Fallon

Public Relations Officer                     Will Keane

Catering Team Director                    Sharon McGeeney

 Director                                          Brian Carroll

Infrastucture Director                       Liam McManus

Director                                           Brian Carroll

Director                                           Brian McNeela

Director                                           Patricia Torpey


Company Directors 2014- 2015.

Eileen Fahey Chairperson/ PRO/Director
Michael Spellman Vice Chairperson/Director
Fiona Coen Secretary/Director
Hugh Brennan Treasurer/ Director
Brian Carroll Director
Liam McManus Director

Company Directors 2013- 2014.

Eileen Fahey Chairperson/ PRO/Director
Fiona Coen Secretary/Director
Hugh Brennan Treasurer/ Director
William Stroker Director
Sean Mooney Director
John Dolan Director
Paul Gilleran Director
Michael Coyle Director





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Kilteevan, Roscommon, Co. Roscommon



This project received grant aid from Roscommon LEADER Partnership Rural Development Programme which is financed by the Irish Government under the Rural Development Programme Ireland 2007-2013 and by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in Rural Areas.sponsors