Queen Luna's Plea- Kilteevan NS Pupils Compose a Poem for Lilliput Way


Queen Luna’s Plea

While Kilteevan folks are fast asleep,

At Lilliput Headquarters the Green Fairies meet.

An elusive, magical, mystical troop,

We care about the future of our Loop.

You folks sure are an interesting race,

Welcome to visit this treasured place.

We invite you to sit on this brand new seat,

Recycled from two thousand plastic bottles – no mean feat!

Queen Luna of the Loop, our magnificent leader,

At every Full Moon Meeting a passionate speaker.

Protecting the Loop is our Number 1 mission,

A thriving environment is our ambition.

Kilteevan bog formed 10,000 years ago,

With fairy dust sprinkled to help the heathers grow.

A buzzing habitat for precious pollinators,

Let us unite to look after dear Mother Nature.

Fairies and humans live side by side,

We share our Loop with joy and pride.

Let us work together to preserve its beauty,

Remember… while you folks sleep, the fairies are on duty!


By the Pupils of Kilteevan National School/Junior Tidy Towns to celebrate the official opening of Lilliput Way Fairy Trail on  the Cloonlarge Loop Kilteevan

Below  Queen Luna's Plea handscrolled on Lilliput Way

 18 December 2020 


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This project received grant aid from Roscommon LEADER Partnership Rural Development Programme which is financed by the Irish Government under the Rural Development Programme Ireland 2007-2013 and by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in Rural Areas.sponsors