What is Cocooning

More information about Cocooning; who should Cocoon, how to cocoon, what to do if living with others while cocooning and more is available on HSE website

Posted  31  2020 March


Roscommon Co Council Essential Services during Covid 19 Pandemic

PLease note the poster.

Remember if you want or need anything, contact a member of Kilteevan Towns, Kilteevan Community Development Group or St. Joseph's GAA Club.

Our Kilteevan volunteers are receiving support from An Garda Siochana,   the HSE, Roscommon LEADER Partnership Company, Roscommon Co Council including Roscommon Fire and Civil Defence Service, An Post and the wider Roscommon community.  These groups and organisations are suppporting us to help membrs of our community. So dont hesitate to get in touch. Help is just a phone call away. 

Posted 31March 2020



EARTH HOUR 2020 Saturday,28 March, 8.30pm-9.30pm

Earth Hour is a global moment of solidarity for climate action.

Kilteevan Tidy Towns invites you to respect Earth Hour 2020 ,8.30pm - 9.30pm this evening, by turning off all lights and reflecting on what we can do to help Mother Nature and Planet Earth.

Lights will go out in Áras an Uachtaráin. As they have done in previous years, President Michael D. Higgins and Sabina have asked that all non-essential lights in Áras an Uachtaráin will be switched off from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm, to mark “Earth Hour.”

More than 350 of the world’s most iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building and the Sydney Opera House – and millions of homes around the world - prepare to switch off their lights.

Speaking about the initiative, President Michael D. Higgins said:

“Sabina and I have asked that the lights at Áras an Uachtaráin be switched off for ‘Earth Hour’, to highlight the need for urgent action on climate change.

We are currently experiencing dark times, as the international community is battling to contain and defeat the COVID-19 virus. The global pandemic has brought hardship for many, and it has shone a light on the great extent to which our lives, and our vulnerabilities, are intertwined.

Like other global challenges that have left a scar on our humanity, the fight against the coronavirus requires international solidarity and coordinated action. Earth Hour is a symbolic moment reminding us of mankind’s ability to affect real change, and inviting all people of our planet to consider the impact we are having on Mother Nature.

Let us use the darkness of Earth Hour 2020 to reflect on the ways we can bring an end to our current crisis, and put in place the types of policies and practices, at every level, that can bring about a better use of the wondrous beauty of our shared, but vulnerable, planet.”

Posted March 28th 2020


Mother Nature Working her Magic in Kilteevan NS Garden


In the midst of all the chaos Mother Nature continues to work her magic in Kilteevan National School garden.

Today, every inch of this small garden is bursting with life and colour. What a joy to behold!

By growing fruit and vegetables  these young people have an appreciation and understanding of food which will help them to live healthier and more sustainable lives.

By maintaining this high level of biodiversity all around us, the school is helping to keep the environment healthy and fit for all of us.

This great work is having an influence on the community. You are an inspiration to us all.



Posted 25 March 2020


Please Respect Life



Posted 23 March 2020


Map of Kilteevan Parish from the 1937/1938 Folklore Commission

Local historian, Shane Gilleran shared this Map and Reference Documentwith us. We thought you would all like to see it.

Shane tells us” this is a very impressive map of Kilteevan meticulously hand sketched. The teacher and author was Patrick Ryan. What makes the map stand out is the clarity, and in depth detail and lay-out of the townlands, big houses, roads, buildings and shops in the parish in 1938”

We now know that the roads through the Cloonlarge and Cloneigh boglands  were built in the late 1930’s as Road z.z and y.y are referred to as New Roads. There are many other interesting historical details on this map.

Thank you Shane- these documents clearly demonstrate the importance of recording local history for future generations.

Posted 23 March 2020


COVID-19 - An Post and Department of Social Protection Updates

COVID-19 - An Post and Department of Social Protection Updates

Please see below information on An Post Measures and some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Department of Social Protection COVID-19 Welfare payments. 


An Post have decided to extend opening times and signing procedures to lower risk to customers and staff.

From the 17 March 2020: An Post is taking a range of special measures to ensure the health and safety of customers and staff while maintaining Post Office and Mails & Parcels services nationwide.

Post Offices and Financial Services

  • An Post and the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP) are working closely on measures to assist customers and help the national effort to tackle the COVID-19 crisis.
  • The majority of post offices will open from 8am this Friday, 20th March to facilitate OAPs who wish to conduct their business ahead of other customers,
  • Customers impacted by Covid-19 may nominate a ‘Temporary Agent’ to act on their behalf by completing, in advance, a form available at post offices and online at
  • Post Offices have introduced Social Distancing and other  practical measures to safeguard customers and staff.
  • Post Office staff will capture customer details directly, avoiding the need for customers to handle counter equipment such as signing pads and pens.   Display boards, floor signs and staff will remind customers to remain apart from other people while in the Post Office.

Mails & Parcels Services

  • Due to the exceptional commitment of postal staff throughout the country we endeavour to maintain collection and delivery services for as long as possible.
  • Customers are no longer being asked to sign for mail deliveries requiring signature, rather the Post person will sign to confirm the delivery in the presence of the customer.  Undeliverable items will be kept at An Post local delivery offices for collection by customers on production of proof of address and photo ID.
  • Flight cancellations to and from a growing number of countries is impacting international services. See for full details.
  • A stamp price increase scheduled for March 18 has been postponed indefinitely while the country is in crisis. .

Debbie Byrne, An Post, Managing Director, An Post Retail says An Post recognises that the coming weeks will be difficult for customers. ‘’Our hope is that ongoing practical response to the needs of customers will help us playing our part in the national effort.  

‘’An Post is conscious of our role in helping customers access cash and in facilitating local commerce wherever possible and this will continue.’’

 Further information at  



Kilteevan Tidy Towns asks you to read this welcome and important message of support and commitment from An Garda Síochána




“An Garda Síochána is in the process of hiring additional vehicles to provide additional mobility to our members nationwide to provide increased community support and community engagement across the country. 


Speaking today Deputy Commissioner Twomey stated that “As a community at this time we need more than ever to support the most vulnerable in our society, particularly our elderly and isolated.  An Garda Síochána has always worked closely with our communities and we continue to do so in these extraordinary times”.


An Garda Síochána continue to urge families, neighbours and community groups to engage with people in line with ‘social distancing’ guidelines. 


As an organisation, Gardaí across the country are being asked to actively identify those persons most at need, particularly those with limited local family or social support.  In these cases An Garda Síochána will assist. 


These ‘contingency’ vehicles will be used to maintain personal interactions and where needed to assist and support people, which may include collecting medical prescriptions, attending hospital appointments and other supports they may need.  They are not ‘primary response vehicles’.


An Garda Síochána will also use these opportunities to link identified people into local, national and state services where appropriate.


Any person with these concerns for themselves or for a neighbour should contact their local Garda station, Contact details, including email contact, for all Garda stations can be found on the Garda website or in any phonebook. 


An Garda Síochána has established a COVID-19 National Co-Ordination Unit operating from Garda Headquarters under Deputy Commissioner Twomey, Policing and security to co-ordinate and manage a strategic Garda response to this dynamic situation.  Deputy Commissioner, Policing and Security currently chairs daily meetings with Regional Commanders and Heads of Section monitoring the evolving position”.


 Posted March 18th 2020


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