A Glimpse of Lilliput Way

Let us give you a glimpse of Lilliput Way Fairy Trail our new project officially opened on December 18th.

This project was funded by The Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage under The Peatlands Community Engagement Scheme 2020 with the support of Roscommon Co Council and Kilteevan Tidy Towns.


If you are planning to visit, please respect government guidelines and please take heed of the Advice from the Fairy.

We must continue to protect each other. The light is on the horizon. Let's keep our eyes on the light .



Pride of Place 2020 Trophy Arrives in Kilteevan

Claudette Collins, Pride of Place Co –coordinator Roscommon Co Council has officially handed over our IPB Pride of Place 2020 trophy as Runner Up in the Creative Place Category.

Unfortunately, we cannot meet to celebrate but we will savour our success quietly and look forward to new developments that are to come.

Photo Gerry O Loiughlin


18 December 2020




Queen Luna's Plea- Kilteevan NS Pupils Compose a Poem for Lilliput Way


Queen Luna’s Plea

While Kilteevan folks are fast asleep,

At Lilliput Headquarters the Green Fairies meet.

An elusive, magical, mystical troop,

We care about the future of our Loop.

You folks sure are an interesting race,

Welcome to visit this treasured place.

We invite you to sit on this brand new seat,

Recycled from two thousand plastic bottles – no mean feat!

Queen Luna of the Loop, our magnificent leader,

At every Full Moon Meeting a passionate speaker.

Protecting the Loop is our Number 1 mission,

A thriving environment is our ambition.

Kilteevan bog formed 10,000 years ago,

With fairy dust sprinkled to help the heathers grow.

A buzzing habitat for precious pollinators,

Let us unite to look after dear Mother Nature.

Fairies and humans live side by side,

We share our Loop with joy and pride.

Let us work together to preserve its beauty,

Remember… while you folks sleep, the fairies are on duty!


By the Pupils of Kilteevan National School/Junior Tidy Towns to celebrate the official opening of Lilliput Way Fairy Trail on  the Cloonlarge Loop Kilteevan

Below  Queen Luna's Plea handscrolled on Lilliput Way

 18 December 2020 



Official Opening of Lilliput Way


The Past meets the Future on Lilliput Way Cloonlarge Loop Kilteevan.

On December 18th Lilliput Way on the Cloonlarge Loop, Kilteevan was officially opened with a touch of Christmas cheer. Due to government guidelines only 15 people attended this outdoor event. The inclement weather did not dampen the seasonal spirits and joy.

The road was overgrown and had fallen into disuse in recent years. With the benefit of funding from the Peatlands Community Engagement Scheme 2020 and Roscommon Co. Council Community Enhancement Scheme, Kilteevan Tidy Towns reopened and surfaced the road. A Fairy Trail, Signage, Seats, and Living Willow structure were installed.

The road was named Lilliput Way based on the discovery of the remains of a very large Lilliput Turf Cutting Machine on the bog. The group decided to retain remains of the machine as a relic of Kilteevan’s rich heritage and association with turf.

Local men Tommy Dolan and Eamon O Connor who had worked on the Lilliput Machine shared their memories with Kilteevan Tidy Towns about working on the Lilliput Machine. The late Johnny and Paddy Dolan were fondly remembered as original owners of the machine.

Guests of honour were Tommy Dolan and his granddaughter Alannah Dolan, Eamon O Connor and his grandsons Sean Óg, Donnacha and Daniel O Connor. Santa Clause was a totally unexpected surprise guest!

Speaking at the opening Eileen Fahey, Chairperson, Kilteevan Tidy Towns welcomed the guests and described the event as a very special day in the history of the community. She thanked Laura Gallagher, Conservation Ranger, National Parks and Wildlife Service(NPWS) for her continuous support and guidance.She also thanked Niall Cribbon and Cathryn Hannon NPWS.

The positive relationship with Roscommon Council was acknowledged and praised. Eileen thanked Neal Geraghty, Acting Director Roscommon Municipal District, Anthony Mc Dermott and the staff of Roscommon Co Council for their support.

Eileen went on to say that nothing could be done without the goodwill of Tidy Towns volunteers who spend endless hours giving of their time and expertise just for the greater good.

In relation to the Fairy Trail, Eileen said she had to single out Patricia Fox, Kilteevan Tidy Towns, Youth Liaison Officer, for making magic happen. She also thanked Patricia’s husband Mark and their four children Maria, Sean, Mark and Matthew who spent endless hours working in their bubble on Lilliput Way to ensure it was simply beautiful.

The pupils of Kilteevan National School were thanked for the poem Queen Luna’s Plea which they composed especially for Lilliput Way.

Afterwards Tommy Dolan, Eamon O Connor, their grandchildren and Santa were invited to cut the ribbon and officially open Lilliput Way.

After the curtting of the ribbon Laura Gallagher spoke about the importance of Kilteevan’s Special Area of Conservation stating that the area had some of the most pristine boglands in the country.

Cathryn Hannon thanked Eileen Fahey and Kilteevan Tidy Towns for their ground breaking work and said the group was leading the way nationally in relation to community engagement with peatlands.

Following the official opening, Santa in the interest of equality, paid a very socially distant visit to the gate of Kilteevan National School, where he presented the Principal with a basket of healthy, zero waste, personalised treats, for every child in the school. Santa explained to the Principal, Mrs Collette Brennan, that the treats had been quarantined for 14 days at the North Pole.

18 December 2020


Cloonlarge Loop 2021 Biodiversity Calendar

The word biodiversity simply means the variety of life found in a particular place.

We are lucky and proud to have a record of some of the colourful and unique biodiversity on the Cloonlarge Loop.

Our 2021 Biodiversity Calendar, printed by Keenprint Roscommon is now officially released.

This project was funded by The Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage under the Peatlands Community Engagement Scheme 2020.

We regret that we cannot hold our annual coffee morning to distribute our calendars among you. Please contact a member of the committee if you are interested. A limited number of copies are available.


Kilteevan wins Runner-Up Award in All-Island IPB Pride of Place 2020

Kilteevan Tidy Towns is pleased and proud to announce that the group was awarded Runner Up Award in the Creative Place Category in the All- Island Pride of Place Competition 2020. The winner in the category was Dingle Food Festival.

The results were announced at a Virtual Awards Ceremony hosted by Marty Morrissey on Sautuday November 21st. 

The ceremony was streamed live on the Pride of Place Website  and on


At the beginning of the ceremony Marty read an inspiring message from Michael D Higgins, President of Ireland.

This award to Kilteevan Tidy Towns comes after years of hard work which has a strong emphasis on Sustainable Goals of the United Nations. The group decided to work individually and within government guidelines right through Covid 19 for the benefit of the community.

The Cloonlarge Loop "the beautiful, roofless, all persons shed" is where it all happens.  Health, wellbeing, connectedness, inclusion, community working together, climate change, the environment, creativity and a sense of fun are at the heart of the work. 

Kilteevan Tidy Towns would like to acknowledge of funding from the Peatlands Community Engagement  Scheme for the past three years .This funding has been of enormous benefit in helping Kilteevan Tidy Towns to reach our goals.

Thanks must also go Roscommon Co Council for buying into our vision and for being a constant source of support and encouragement.

Posted 22 Nov 2020

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This project received grant aid from Roscommon LEADER Partnership Rural Development Programme which is financed by the Irish Government under the Rural Development Programme Ireland 2007-2013 and by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in Rural Areas.sponsors